Adventures in La


When the Adventures came home to La, their success with the Horde brought the 2 people closer, yet troubling news from the North, there was no news.

The Horde

AS they arrive they spend some down time jerking off. After a few days members of the Horde show up and ask for their help. They agree and head off into the Easter Plain.

They are made aware that an Orcus cult has infiltrated the otherwise loyal horde of the raven queen. They kill some Orcus dudes and free a clan from being shitty. The clans asks them to travel to the dead city and find out what the hell is going on. The going into the dead city which was pretty awesome and had lots of undead shit. They find that a Lich has opened a portal to Orcus realm and the undead are goign all crazy. They shut down the portal and return as heroes… again.
Total Time Spent with Horde 3 months. There was lots of traveling.

Back Home and Y’ulodok
Time for Rest NOT

The heroes head home after a successful adventure in Squires Landing. They run into Lizard folk and an Oni. They kill everything but the Oni because Onis are dicks.

They arrive in La. Word of their adventure has already made it back and there are whispers of the Heroes of Squires Landing are really from La. They hear of urgent news in Y’ulodok so they head south. They travel about 2 weeks and make it to Outer Y’ulodok. There they encounter a murder and give chase but the murder blows itself up. They fight some assassins and scare one with 3 cuts across the face.

They are approached by the Harpers who ask for their help in solving some murders. They say sure and are let into the the city. They meet the Emerald King, a provider of vices and ill natured habits in the Emerald District of the city. James is kidnapped and almost sacrifices for his blood but the heroes find him in time and save them, but a cool dwarf wizard gets sucked into the portal.

They check out the library and are sent down to the dwarf stronghold guarding the main passages to the Underdark. They are attacked by a large force of Drow. They are able to beat back the invaders but OH NO THE PRINCE OF LA HAS BEEN TAKEN. It was their plan all along to get the Prince of La. The heroes go out find the prince in the middle of the Drow army find the cool wizard dwarf and try to escape. Sadly the cool dwarf wizard sacrifices himself so they can get away.

They cause Lava Tubes to burst open effectively destroying most of the army. It was pretty awesome. They leave finish up their tour and are treated to a dwarf party. They leave Y’ulodok with the Prince of La and arrive back in La as heroes of La and friends of the Prince of La.
Total Time spent in Y’ulodok: 4 months

Airship, a Lady, and TAINT
Whitch's Valley!!

As they are flying through the air in an Airship, they are attacked by Were Tigers riding Hypogriffs. pretty awesome. They fight them back and land in The Heart of the Forest. There they meet The Lady of the Forest. This is the Conversation:
Uyioyir i’s foy Si’uaywf (Jewel of the Forest) or
Foy faelalfyk viraeay (The Tainted place) Encounter

Land in Witches Valley or as it is called by the Fey
A slender Eladrin woman approaches. Her hair is dark brown with dark green resembling the color of the great oak towering over you next to you. She is rather plain looking for an Eladrin. Graceful and elegent but more handsome looking than beautiful. She is followed by many birds, an Elk with the largest antlers any of you have seen and a dire tiger.
Zyyvyua: “Welcome hero’s. I am Zyyvyua, welcome and rest. Your fight and travel has been draining”.

“We will have time to talk a second but please come and rest for a little while. Ah Brush you have come. It is good to see you. Will you join me please”.

She leads you to a small grove. There are no chairs or tables or any sign that someone lives here. The place is quite, not in an eerie way but in a peaceful way. A small stream runs through the grove. Rabbits appear and bring fruit and vegetables and leave. The grass is tall and soft, the sun is warm. It is by far the most peaceful place you have ever been to.

After about 2 hours Zyyvyua comes back.

Zyyvyua: Brush has told me of your mission. I fear it is dark and full of peril. For you see the trouble you seek to destroy does not reside in this forest.
Zyyvyua: Do you know what crossings are? (Nature easy) (Arcana/History moderate)
Zyyvyua :See crossings are natural place in which one can pass to different planes or different reflections of the same world. The Feylands and Shadowfell are a part of this world but different versions. It’s like seeds from the same tree. While they look similar and have similar properties, they are specifically different.
Zyyvyua: See there are natural places where one can cross between the planes without any type of ritual. These places are called ‘crossings’ and they are usually connected to the fundamental aspects of that plane. For example if one would want to cross into the Shadowfell, one might find a crossing in a dark and gloomy place that spreads dread, such as graveyards or unhallowed ground. If one would want to get into the elemental chaos one might find a crossing in an active volcano or glacier. For the Feywilds, this forest is such a crossing place. The worlds overlap at certain times making it possible to simply move from one plane to the next. Some travelers could fall asleep in one world and wake up in another. Those unlucky enough to explore live short lives.
Zyyvyua: "Yes what you seek is in the Feywild. Not far from the crossing. The one responsible for the taint is Si’uaywf Wfualakyua, an Elf ranger who has gone mad. He and I used to be the keepers of the crossing. For generations we have protected both sides of the crossing from the more dangerous creatures and from those who would use the crossing for evil purposes. But Si’ went made and locked himself in Foy faelalfyk viraeay. From there he has brought the taint and evil to this forest.

Zyyvyua: I have asked the Emerald Lady of assistance and she sent help, but about a forthnight ago all communication has stopped. I am growing concerned. I am hard pressed to keep back the more dangerous creatures. Those that slip by are bad enough.

After the conversation they slip into the fey. Make it to the Tainted place and kill Si’ whihc he thanked them for. Because his madness finally is healed by the Raven Queens tender kiss.

It is here that Si’ gives a parchment to one of the Heroes with a symbol on it. They also witness what appears to be creatures worshiping a strange crystal. The crystal gives each person visions. some good and some bad. They arrive back in the Heart of the Forest and give the parchment to the Lady. She appears to be shaken and asks to be taken to Squires Landing.
When they arrive back at Squires Landing the attacks have stopped and everybody is happy.

Squires Landing
It's good to be home, and Wanted

The heroes are met by the forest people which consist of Elves, gnomes, halflings, and other people that live in the Large Forest. They have been run out of their homes by a power animal army. They all travel to Squires Landing.

AS they arrive the begin to understand more of what has been going on and why Squires Landing is in need of such help. As they are gathering information. a squire approaches them and they are asked to go tothe keep to meet with the Duke. This is what happens:

Nothing happens for hours. The players can wander around.
Streetwise (13): Find out that the attacks started 3 months ago on the outlying villages.
Insight (21) Many people feel it is the dukes fault for not acting sooner.
Streetwise (19): A envoy from the elves warned the duke about the attacks and “strange occurrences” happening in the forest 3 months ago and (21) aid was asked but denied. Only available when speaking with elves, gnomes, or Eladrin of the forest.
Much of the same story is said, unnatural beast from the forest have been attacking the city sporadically. It usually last for a few nights than stops and can start back up again. Been going on for about 3 weeks now at Squires Landing. Some point in the evening a squire finds them with a message.
Squire: “Are you the adventures that just came into town?”
“I have a message from the Duke, he wishes for you to join him and the defense council immediately”.
“I’m just the messenger, please follow me. I will escort you back to.”
The squire leads you adeptly between the crowds that have gathered in the city for safety. You arrive at the Oak Districts gate and are waved through hastily. You notice great mansions and sturdy beautiful houses made out of fine wood and stone from the forest and quarries. As you approach the Dukes palace, you notice the ancient stone that has been scarred by untold ancient battle. Upon seeing the keep you realize Squires Landing was built to last. The keep is a bit small compared to the one in La and Y’urdok, but it is sturdy and survived. The keep is only 3 stories with a tower. The tower was once the main watch tower of the city. But as the city grew, the tower became a sort of study and personal library to the Dukes.
As you approach the Dukes keep the guards recognize the squire and wave him through. As you enter through the gate, you each feel a presence. It is nothing magical, arcane, or supernatural, but it is the sense of history. The keep is almost hallowed ground. You sense that for its time the walls of the keep has stood against great beast and monsters. Hordes of primal powers were broken upon its walls and still it stands. You feel as if the keep is almost sentient and your confidence is bolstered.
You enter into a large room with a elevated chair (throne but not quite a throne) which is where the duke holds court. There are tapestries made of fine cloth detailing ancient battles and the history of Squires Landing. The room is empty. There are wings off to either side and stairs on both sides leading up into the upper chambers. The squire takes you up the stairs and into a room that not as big as the court is still quite large. Inside are 7 distinguished looking persons gathered around a modest sized table. The chairs are comfortable and well made. A fire is going in the hearth. The men and woman gathered just finished eating and servants are clearing the table and pouring drinks.
You notice that not all of the distinguished persons are male. There are 2 femals and there is a mix of different races as well. The room has tapestries to keep the warm in but for the most part it is bare. It is a simple but comfortable meeting room.
A kind looking half-elf stands up greets you and says
Jarin: "Ah, here there are. May I present to the council the adventures that came in today. I am Jarin, Magister to Duke Morgan. To my right is Lady Huriam (a half-ling) the peoples representative, Lady Putania the treasurer (Dwarf), Lord Lejnoir commander of the Dukes Legion (Elf), High Cleric Khalig (Human) of Erathis, Forestweaver Gnalinah (Eladrin) a representative of the forest guardians and of course Duke Morgan. " He extends his hand indicating each member of the council. “May we have your names?”
Jarin: “Please sit. I apologize for the rushed meeting but we don’t know when we may have time and we have an important task to ask of you. Please feel free to drink. There is wine, water, or ale”.
Duke: “Enough Jarin, they came here for an order. Lets make this quick. There are important matters to attend to”.
Jarin: “Of course my Lord. Gentlemen and women, the Duke and the council has a task to ask of you. It is a most dangerous task”.
Jarin: “We would like you to enter the Large Forest, find the reason behind the animal attacks and stop it if you can”.
Jarin: “We have already. We’ve sent out three large forces and they have been destroyed to nearly the last man. We figure that a small band of experienced adventures as yourself may be what we need”.
Duke: “Listen, I’m sending you out because if you die people won’t care. If you die nobody will cry, nobody will complain, nobody will be a bloody thorn in my ass. You are nobody here and expendable. We’ll pay you if you survive but that is not likely. But if you do not accept this task I’ll run you out of the city. So there are your choices. What is it gonna be? You are probably dead either way”?
Jarin: “My Lord please…”
Duke: “Don’t ‘my lord please’ me Jarin. I don’t have time for this. You can tell me about it later Jarin. I bid all a good night”.
As the Duke gets up to leave everybody at the table hastily stands up and bows. The duke storms out of a side door, followed by a few servants and guards.
Lady Huriam: “Pleasant and courteous as always”.
Lady Putania: “He has a lot on his mind.”
Lord Lejnoir: “Despite how he put it he is right. We have asked your group specifically on this mission because you are strangers and have no ties. Morale among the men is at it’s worst with news of the last expeditions destruction. I don’t think we can afford to send locals out”.
Lady Huriam: “Yes the people are anxious and heavy hearted. Most are very displeased with how the battles have been going. If they lose trust in the leadership, we may have fighting amongst our selves.”
High Cleric Khalig: “Yes and the temple is running out of stores and rooms for everybody here. Ours and other orders are being pushed to the max. There is also the concern for the sanitary conditions this puts us in. We are in a perfect position for plague and disease to hit”.
Lady Putania: “And the treasury is not going to be able to handle the situation very long either. Any word from Lord Lawrence”?
Jarin: “Yes, he is sending down supplies and a garrison to help bulster the situation, but with no word from Starport and the troubling rumors in the south, the King may not be able to focus on everything at once”.
Lady Putania: “May Moridan help us if the Horde decides to get jumpy. It seems the entire land is going mad”.
Lord Lejnoir: “Indeed but back to the issue at hand. Will you help us? We have sent might and experienced soldiers. We have sent enough numbers to raze a castle, we have sent powerful wizards and scouts and nothing. Maybe a small group will be able to go unnoticed”.
Jarin: “Excellent, they will need a guide.”
All eyes turn toward Forestweaver Gnalinah, waiting for him to speak up. He looks around the room and takes a sip from his cup and sets it down without a word. He sighs.
Forestweaver Gnalinah: “We have been asking for months for aid. We warned, we pleaded, we cried, we admonished. We BEGGED for help MONTHS AGO and nothing. Now that the problem is at your foot steps you decide to act. Whatever loses you have experience my people have lost 10 times as many. Entire villages and towns have been destroyed by the tainted monsters and not a word from you. I will give the party a guide because THEY need it, not because YOU need it. For hundreds of years we have kept this land safe and when we need your help nothing. I am weary. (He turns to the party) I hope you succeeded. I will send out best tracker and scout. Bring him back alive and well that is all I ask. Find the Protector of the Way in the Forest. My guide will be able to get you there. (He gets up and leaves pauses next to Kelly and whispers “Welcome back Kelly”)
Lady Huriam: He’s right, they have suffered the most.
Jarin: We will make it right some how. So are you ready?
Lady Putania: Ahem
Jarin: yes Lady… wait is this about that contraption your cousin has made? I told you…
Lady Putania: WAIT, I think this is a great idea. Let us at least let the adventures decided They will be the ones going into the forest. (proceeds to describe air balloon ship to float across the forest to the heart of the forest.
Speak about floating airship.etc… Discussion.
Jarin asks Kelly (in disguise) to wait for a second. have a discussion about him. If he comes back they will discuss some pressing matters.
Meet at a field side the town. There is a dwarf by the name of Gregor with a large contraption and a gnome that looks more like a bush than a gnome. Gnomes name is Under Brush. Discussion hope they will take the air ship if not plan on encounters.
An airship requires a crew of five (in addition to the pilot) to fly effectively. Including the gas balloon, this vessel is 8 squares long, 4 squares wide, and 6 squares tall.
Squires Landing is done for now.

On the Road Again
Gypsies, why did it have to be Gypsies

Along the way they are meet by a tribe of the Traveling People. Miriam Queen of the Gypsies has foretold of their coming and they are invited back to their camp. They were not the only guest. It is at this time the group becomes complete, the final piece falls into place, that one yet annoying vital piece to your IKEA furniture is found and everything becomes right in the world. it is at this time that Zethoros and Vohra join the group.

The Gypsy Queen asks the now complete group to go into the Elemental Chaos to fetch part of a Crown. The Heros agree. It is in the Maze of the Chaos that they encounter a Minitor. They slay the Minitor just in time as the maze is destroyed from large rocks that were flying through the Chaos.

As the heroes return to the Gypsy Queen, they are given a reward of their choice. Dulane chose to be teleported to Squires Landing saving them a weeks journey. She grants it.

After Raven

After the leaving of Content Not Found: Raven the group explores her room. They find various items and letter among her belongings. At that time one of the Tar Kurdan arrives searching for Raven. The heroes explains what happens and he does not seemed surprised. The Goliath asks them for aid. They do not commit to any course of action and he says he will wait by the Southern Gate of La.

The group soon finds out that there is help needed in Squires Landing, the dwarf kingdom of Y’ulodok. Since Dulane is from Squires Landing he convinces the rest of the group to choose to head west towards Squires Landing and the Large Forest,

The Adventure Begins

Dulain Oakenshield, James Guile and Matia meet in the City of La during the Dawn War festival. They are approached by the mysterious elf woman Raven and offered a job with a large pay out. The adventures meet Raven behind the temple of Pelor in the Gold District after darkness falls. After slipping through the sewers, defying traps and besting a dragon, they make it to the one of the Lord of La’s treasure room. There Raven finds a particular scroll, conjures up a portal. Before she goes she gives the adventures a key to her room at the Tilted Kilt. She says they are welcome to what ever they can find. She steps through the portal and disappears.


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