James Guile

A warlock that can dance!


James Guile
Tiefling Warlock
Level 9
Age 25
Height 6’2"
Weight 180lbs
Size Medium

Ac 21
Fort 21
Ref 19
Will 17

Max HP 72
Bloodied 36

Healing Surges
Surges/Day 11
Surge Value 18

Str 10/4/0
Con 20/9/5
Dex 12/5/1
Int 16/7/3
Wis 8/3/-1
Cha 13/5/1

Combat Statistics and Senses
Initiative 5
Speed 6
Passive Insight 13
Passive Perception 13

Skills (Bold=Trained)
Acrobatics 5
Arcana 15
Athletics 4
Bluff 12
Diplomacy 5
Dungeoneering 3
Endurance 9
Heal 3
History 12
Insight 3
Intimidate 10
Nature 3
Perception 3
Religion 12
Stealth 7
Streetwise 5
Thievery 5


Early Years
James was born in the city of La in the South Bronze district, one of the worst parts of the city. His mother was a whore and his father is most likely one of her patrons. He was brutally abused by the local children for being a Tiefling. He had only one friend growing up. She was a Dragon born by the name of Matia. She would defend James when she was around but this only made the beating worse when she wasn’t there.

James, being raised in a house of pleasure, we taught in the art of pole dancing and prostitution. James naturally took to this. This so called “education” angered a local priest so he decided that he would tutor James in history and religion on days of worship, weather James liked it or not. At first James hated these lessons but when he started to learn about all the famous adventurers his mind was changed. These lessons are what made James want to become an adventurer. Though with his lack of physical strength and fighting skills he knew it was not like to happen.

Leading up to the Campaign
James and Matia remained friends throughout their lives. Once they were old enough, they began working. Eventually saving up enough money to buy a place in the bronze district. James worked as a stripper and Matia as a blacksmith’s assistant. James eventually became so popular that he could regularly get jobs in the Silver District. James and Matia never became affiliated with any of the city’s 3 major gangs. The closest they every got was that they were friends with Nathan the Fishmonger at the docks. Nathan isn’t officially apart of any of the 3 gangs but he was always too well informed to not have any connections. James and Matia didn’t know how he was connected but they did know messing with him would be a very bad idea.

During the Dawnwar Festival, a multi-day celebration, Matia meets a man named Content Not Found: dulane. She introduces him to James and the 3 of them become fast friends. They continually hang out during the duration of Festival. On the 2nd to last day of the celebration James receives his powers from an “unknown” source. The Final Day is where The Campaign begins.

“Robbing the Royal Vault (one of them anyway)” Part 1 of the Adventures in La

James, Matia, and Kelly are drinking in one of the bars in the Bronze District. Matia notices that a woman would stare at the three of them from time to time. Matia mentions it but it is said that she was probably checking out one of the 3 of them and everyone goes back to drinking their beer. The woman gets up to leave and passes by Kelly on her way out. After finishing their drinks James, Matia, and Kelly get up to pay. When Kelly reaches in to is coin wallet he notices that a note has been added.

The note reads, “Meet me in the Tilted Kilt Inn in the Silver District if you want to be rich. Bring you two friends.” At the sight of this Kelly thought that he would like, very much so, to be rich and quickly showed the note to James and Matia. They thought the same and it was quickly decided that they would show up at the Tilted Kilt Inn when the time came.

Later that evening, the three of them were sitting in the Tilted Kilt waiting for the person who left the note. After a bit of waiting Kelly notices the woman from earlier walk in. She walks up to the table and takes a seat. She introduces herself as Raven. After the three introduce themselves Raven gets down to business. She tells the group that she wants to rob a very specific place and she only wants one thing and everything else would be theirs. Just as Raven is finishing her pitch everybody notices a large group of unsavory men enter the bar. Raven hands another note to James and then throws a smoke-bomb and makes her escape. The men start shouting and one says, “Capture the people she was with. They might know where she is going.” Upon hearing this, the party decides to promptly get the fuck out of there. The party escapes through the back door. On the way out Metia tells everyone to meet up at their place. Kelly is able to climb up random debris to get onto the roofs. James and Metia sprint down the ally and after several yards she trips and falls to the ground. After a few yards, James notices that Matia fell and turns back. When James gets to Metia she is on the ground being attacked by the men. James confronts the men and tries to scare them off but it fails. At this point Kelly starts throwing oranges at the thugs. This begins to cause a panic and James takes advantage of the situation by throwing magic at the thugs. This causes them too run off. The party meets up and reads the note that Raven gave James. It reads, “If you are still interested in becoming rich meet me in The Pantheon on the side of the Temple of Pelor at midnight.” The Party decides that they still would like to be rich but before they agree they want more information on where exactly were they stealing this money from. They go back to James and Metia’s place and rest until the meeting time. When the time comes the party goes to The Pantheon.

James Guile

Adventures in La Dtotheon