“I shall bring the light of my flame to the darkness, And evil shall tremble under my might!”- Zethoros and all silver flame members


Longtooth Shifter Paladin/Cleric Hybrid
Level 9
Height 6’0"
Weight 200lbs
Size Medium

Ac 28
Fort 23
Ref 20
Will 24

Max HP 64
Bloodied 32

Healing Surges
Surges/Day 8
Surge Value 16

Str 20/9/5
Con 11/4/0
Dex 10/4/0
Int 10/4/0
Wis 18/8/4
Cha 13/6/2

Combat Statistics and Senses
Initiative 4
Speed 5
Passive Insight 25
Passive Perception 25
Low Light Vision

Skills (Bold=Trained)
Acrobatics 7
Arcana 4
Athletics 9
Bluff 6
Diplomacy 13
Dungeoneering 8
Endurance 4
Heal 13
History 4
Insight 15
Intimidate 6
Nature 8
Perception 15
Religion 4
Stealth 2
Streetwise 6
Thievery 2


Early years

The Shady Oak Orphanage is where Zethoros was raised during his early childhood. Being taught how to read and write from a very young age, Zethoros became very well spoken and often impressed the sisters of the orphanage with his ability to strike up an intelligent conversation with adults 3x his age. This alone had the Silver flame interested in young Zethoros.

It was not until Zethoros was 8 that they knew that he was different. Being one of the youngest children at the orphanage, Zethoros was not only academically advanced compared to the other children, but he was also physically more advanced then them as well. He would often go with the adults who worked at the orphanage and chop wood to bring back for the fire.

The Silver flame sent St. John to the Shady Oak to assess the children of the orphanage for any gifts they might possess. Right off the bat, St. John was impressed with the academic ability young Zethoros possessed. St. John continued to work with the children of the orphanage and over the course of a few months he had sent his report with a list of the children he had cleared to be adopted by the church. Among the short list of names that were selected, only one stood out to St. John, Zethoros.

Late one night at the Shady Oak, Zethoros and the other children were awakened by a loud crash coming from the main hall of the orphanage. As the other children were frighten and cowered in their beds, Zethoros and a young female dwarf rushed to see what had caused the rude awakening. As they entered the main hall the two children seen hundreds of coins scattered across the floor shining in the moon light and pieces of wood from the smashed donation box that had been tossed off the table. The children seen a hooded man on all fours scooping up the coins as quickly as posable. A common thief had broken into the defenseless orphanage looking for an easy score. Before Zethoros cold even react, the dwarf had charged the thief wailing on him as he tried to get to his feet. Zeth watched as the hooded man fought his way to his feet and shook off the young dwarfs assault. Zeth knew that he needed to act fast when the dwarf was knocked to the ground. He ran and tackled the thief off the dwarf and began to grapple with the man who was taken by surprise. The man was dragged to the ground by young zethoros and eventually pinned. “Enough” shouted St. John as he entered the main hall with his sword gripped in his hands. as Zeth let go of the man, the thief used the distraction to his advantage and drew his dagger, plunging the blade deep into the belly of the young boy. As Zeth fell to the floor, The Thief tried to make a run for the exit but he was stopped short when the hilt of St. John’s sword knocked his legs from under him. The Dwarf ran to Zeth’s aid as he shook uncontrollably. “Something is wrong with him” yelled the dwarf. The sound if cracking bones and pain filled screams came from the wounded Zeth as he tossed and turned. Zeth managed to flip onto all fours as his body Crackled and his muscle mass begun to increase. He Slammed his fist on the stone floor reducing the slab to rubble. What was once a well spoken, 4"8 boy was now a 5"10 hulking nightmare. The beast stood on its back legs and let out a gut wrenching howl as it slowly removed the blade from its side. St. John tossed the thief aside and gripped his Sword once more. “No my lord! its still him” cried the dwarf girl as she ran in front of the beast. Steam emerged from the beasts nostrils as both man and monster stared eye to eye, watching, studying one another. St. John begun to lower his blade when a steel crossbow bolt flew past him and stuck the beast in the thigh. The beast let out a mighty howl as it went into a rage filled frenzy, Slashing angrily with its mighty claws. The dwarf, unable to react, was struck by the razor sharp claws of the beast. the shock sent her to her knees. Fearing that the beast would take advantage of easy prey, St. John rushed to the girls aid charging the beast. St. John was instantly overpowered by the beast as it caught the blade with one hand and with a mighty swing of its other hand tore the chainmail from Johns very flesh. John used the hits momentum to roll over to where the female dwarf lay. John knelt over the girl and begun muttering what sounded like a preyer to himself. As the beast move moved in for the kill, another steel bolt struck the beast, this time in the chest. The beast, now with its sights on the thief who was loading another bolt into his hand crossbow, leapt across the hall and pounced on the man. The enraged beast’s claws easily tearing through the leather armor the man wore. The mans screams filled the air, but did not interfere with Johns focus, as he continued his preyer. several seconds passed, the screams now faded only to be replaced with the sound of flesh being ripped from bone. A glow now emerged from under the cloak of St. John. He removed his cloak and on his side was the cause of the golden aura. The golden glow caught the beasts eye as it stood and begun walking over towards John and the girl. Johns preyer begun to get lauder and lauder as the beast approached. The beast charged the seemingly easy prey, leaping from about 10 feet away. John drew his hammer and yelled “In the name of all that is holy!” filling the room with blinding light. The beast, caught off guard, staggered back shielding its eyes from the piercing light. John emerged from the blinding light, “You shall burn in the nine hells demon!” he roared as he charged head on with the beast striking it across the face with his golden hammer. A loud thud echoed throughout the orphanage as the beast fell unconscious from the single strike. John raised his hammer to finish off the beast. “Have mercy” cried the dwarf girl as she grabbed John. John looked down at the girl then back at the beast, now shrinking, turning back into the well mannered well spoken young boy. John took the the two children in his carriage that night, and headed to the High-wind mountains.

John took the children NW to the High-wind mountains. It was here, Zethoros learned basic hand to hand combat from John and the monks of High-wind temple. But most importantly, This is where Zeth learned to meditate and channel his breathing to suppress his inner beast, or unleash it. After 2 years of strict meditation training, John decided the children were ready to be brought into the church of the silver flame. The three of them traveled back SW for 3 months. after the 3 month journey the three of them had made it to Flame keep. The home of the silver flame. It is here Zethoros was taught advanced military techniques and it was here Zethoros took his pledge. “I shall bring the light of my flame to the darkness, And evil shall tremble under my might!”

Leading up to the campaign

Zethoros proved that he had the strength to be a paladin of the silver flame, but he also had kindness to put down the hammer and pick up the cloth of a cleric. In his early teen years, Zeth spent most of his time spreading the word of the silver flame by going on missions to towns and village, Raising money for the poor and helping tend to the sick or wounded. Zethoros spent a lot of time in other god’s or deity’s temples learning as much as he could as he helped tend to the sick and wounded. This angered St. John who learned that Zethoros was preying to other deity’s in hopes of curing his lycan decease.

St. John requested that the council place Zethoros under his watchful eye once more, in hopes of making him into a Harbinger of the silver flame. The council approved agreeing that Zeth’s abilities were best used to fight the evils of this plane. John molded Zethoros into a real warrior the only way he knew how. Beginning at the age of 16 Zethoros tagged along with John on his missions to stop evil. Undead, Demons, Ghosts, Lycans, Zeth killed them all. Zeth was taut how to infiltrate cults and clans as if he were one of them, then strike, every move calculated and every strike lethal.

John was sent to take care of urgent business over in Northies. Zethoros was promoted and ordered to continue infiltrating and destroying the forces of evil. Zeth was ordered to take another member with him under his wing. “I’ll only work with Vohra.”

After years of questing together, Vohra and Zeth hear word of “beasts” attacking Squires Landing. “we have traveled many miles, may we rest here in your camp for the night my lovely Gypsy queen? we would be forever in your debt”


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