Stranger Letter 1

You receive an odd give letter


Greetings Hero’s of La,
Do not be alarmed your secret is safe with me. I have heard of your exploits in Squires Landing and at Yur’dock with the dwarves. An entire Drow army and wild beast defeated and I hear whispers of helping the hoard with their undead problem! Impressive I might say. Luckily nobody here, except me of course, knows who you are. We have a common goal, not seeing Starport fall. I have been unable to stop the advancement but I have been able to slow the attacks down a bit by interfering with some of the ceremonies. Now I can’t explicitly tell you what is happening due to prying eyes, but I would like to point out that General Lurkor has some interesting information that would probably assist you in identifying how to defeat the army. Be warned he is jealous of his information and guards it well. Your entire group will be needed to obtain the information. Might I suggest a diversion while someone gets in and gets the info? Be warned as well he will know if something is taken so DO NOT take any of the information, just remember it or write it down quickly. With that I bid you aduie. I am sure our paths will meet again soon.

Your Secret Admirer


Stranger Letter 1

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